Our Mission

The 3 Basketball CommUNITY is a program of The 3 Basketball that focuses on local social responsibility in which our mission is to come together in UNITY to build, protect and educate our young athletes and others by addressing important social issues.

The 3 Junior Basketball’s students and other youth participate in a structured basketball program that encourages team building and leadership skills with a structured program that includes team-building and group activities.

The 3 Junior Basketball Camp will consist of Multiple Basketball Clinics and a 3 on 3 Tournament. The Camp will be a 4 week camp for 4 days each week. (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

Wednesday will be our Fundamental Clinic, Thursday our Dribbling Clinic, Friday the Shooting Clinic and Saturday the 3 on 3 Tournaments.

We welcome all kids from the ages of 8 – 16 years of age. (Boys and Girls)

We will have Clinic directors in each category to help enhance your child’s skills in each area. Each camp¬† attendee will receive a certificate of completion, a pair of sneakers, a gym bag and other items to take with them after the camp. The winning teams of the 3ON3 tournaments will also receive special prizes.